Ohio DOC Special Forms
Submitting forms does NOT register you for an event. You must register for the event as well as submit the required forms to be registered.

Please complete all 9 of the forms. The highlighted sections are where you need to sign or have a witness sign them. You need to complete all other sections of the rest of the forms. Please note that the Staff Nexus is for volunteers as well as staff. If you do not have any regular contact with any inmates in the Ohio State Prison System, please check the box NO NEXUS and sign it at the bottom. Please note that 2 of the pages look very similar - they aren't the same. You must complete and submit BOTH of those pages.

In order to be cleared for this event, you will need to complete the form below.  Email the forms to the Event Administrator (name and email below). You can also fax this form to 972-298-1104. 

All forms need to be returned by the registration deadline listed below.

Event Name Event Date  Registration Deadline
 Event Administrator 
 Caldwell  May 21   April 27   Tony
 Mansfield  June 25  May 25  Tony
 Columbus North  July 16  June 15  Barbara
 Circleville/Chilicothe  August 27  August 5  Barbara
 Lima  September 24  September 9  Tony
 Columbus South  October 1  September 9  Tony
 Youngstown  October 8  September 16  Kari