The Event is Over - Now What?

You’ve just experienced an amazing adventure by joining in a Bill Glass Behind the Walls event. Thank you for stepping out to take the Good News to the broken and hurting!  If the day went as they typically do on these events, you saw God work and your heart has been awakened to the power of the Holy Spirit.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to see someone commit their lives to Christ, know that your faithfulness, presence, and prayers were used to plant and water seeds.  We know that God will continue to work!

This experience doesn’t stop there.  You are meant to take it with you!  So the question is how will you use what you learned today?  Here are some questions and suggestions to help you process your time with us.

Processing the Experience

Take some time to reflect and pray about what just happened.

  • What is going on in your heart from your experience today?
  • What was a highlight?
  • How is God stretching you through this experience?

Share your experience. Talking with others helps to solidify the event, blesses them, and can be an encouragement for them to get involved.

  • What was it like to share the Gospel?
  • What was it like to pray with someone?
  • How did it feel to see someone choose eternal life over death and become a “new creation in Christ”?

Next Steps

Below are some suggestions for next steps.  Select some of them and put them into action!  Ask someone to join in and help keep you accountable.

  1. PRAY: Take an hour and go for a walk and pray about how the Lord might want to use this experience in your life.
  2. PRAY: Pray for those you met on the event.You should have the names of the people you met.Write their names on a card and put it in your car/office/kitchen, wherever you’ll see it and pray for them daily. You may be the only one praying for them!
  3. CONNECT: If you are not in a church/fellowship, find one! If you are not in a small group or Bible Study, join a group at your church.
  4. SERVE: Meet with the pastors of your church to discover new ways to serve in the church, community and across the world.
  5. SERVE: Get involved in a local prison ministry. Check with the Chaplain of the unit where you served. They are always looking for help.
  6. SERVE: Sign up for the next Behind the Walls event near you and bring others with you. Click here for the upcoming events calendar .
  7. GIVE: Consider being a monthly giving partner with Bill Glass Behind the Walls.Donors are the financial lifeblood of the ministry. Click here to join First Team .
  8. PARTNER: Join the local Bill Glass team.Events are organized and executed using a committed group of local volunteers including prayer, recruiters, transportation, hospitality,etc. Click here to email the home office.