Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I designate my gift?
    One of the rules for participation in NTGD requires we use 100% of the funds in North Texas.
  • Does Bill Glass BTW have its own matching funds this year?
    We are working on it! Check back for updates!
  • Are gifts tax-deductible?
    All donations are tax-decutible and irrevocable. Your gift receipt will come to the email address used when you make your gift. NOTE: Your gift receipt will come from Communities Foundation of Texas.
  • How will the donation be reported on my credit card statement?
    Your credit card statement will read: CFTexas NTX Giving Day 214750422 TX.
  • Do I have to give by credit or debit card? Do I have to make my gift on the NTGD website? 
    The NTGD website will only take credit and debit cards, and this is the preferred method. Only funds that are given through the NTGD website will be eligible for bonus funds. If you do not wish to pay via credit or debit card, you may mail a check to our offices. We must receive your check by September 21st. We will process your gift as we normally would. Please clearly label your check "NTGD 2018" in the memo line or include a note with your gift. Mail your check to: Bill Glass Behind the Walls, 1101 South Cedar Ridge Drive, Duncanville, TX 75137.

If you have a question or need help making your gift, please give us a call at that National Support Center at (972) 298-1101 during our business hours of 8:30-5:00 pm CT.


Every gift up to $10,000 given through the NTGD website will receive a bonus gift from the generous benefactors of NTGD. It's a fantastic, once-a-year opportunity to magnify what you give. This is the 10th Anniversary of North Texas Giving Day. Our partnership with this annual giving opportunity has helped the Bill Glass Behind the Walls raise almost $850,000 that have been used to Train MoreSend More, and Win More for His Kingdom!

Exciting News! Generous donors have agreed to match the first $40,000 given for North Texas Giving Day!

New this year - You may schedule your gift on the NTGD website at anytime from September 10th through September 19th. 
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