What to Expect on a Bill Glass BTW Prison Event


We will communicate important event information by email, mail, and phone.

By Email:
  • Confirmation of registration payment when you register online.
  • First time volunteers will receive a Welcome email with links to online training videos (Get Equipped).
  • All volunteers will receive an email with the location of the Thursday or Friday night Tailgate Party and Equip & Ignite service.

By Mail:
  • A reminder postcard about the event with dates, meeting times, and meeting locations. (about 2 weeks before the event)

By Phone:
  • A phone call from the person who is coordinating at the location where you have been assigned to serve. (about 2 weeks before the event)


  • The night before your event, our First Team Ambassadors will host a "Tailgate" party welcoming you with a light dinner & a chance to say hello! Your nametag will be waiting for you, so pick it up and then come have a bite to eat.
  • Then you'll attend the "Equip & Ignite" service. This time is designed to Equip you through training in how to use our evangelism tract and to Ignite you for service through worship.
  • After Equip & Ignite concludes, you'll meet with your prison unit's coordinator who will go over specific information for your prison, such as time to meet, where to meet, and any other important information relevant to this unit.
  • As a reminder, be sure to review the materials on the Get Equipped page prior to attending the event.


When you arrive at your prison unit you'll:
  • Present your government issued ID (often, the prison will collect them and keep them until you leave)
  • Go through security and be escorted to your location
  • Most times we're in the units until around 3-4pm

Our Programs:
  • Take place in common areas (ex: recreation yard or gym), and inmates are invited to attend. In jails, or other facilities where there are no common recreation areas, programs might be held inside the housing areas, where we go to the inmates.
  • Various athletes, entertainers and sometimes ex-offenders called “Platform Guests” perform and/or speak, and include a testimony about how Christ has transformed their lives. They close their program by inviting inmates speak one-on-one or in small groups with our volunteers, called “Teammates.”
  • Teammates encourage inmates by sharing the Gospel with our tract and personal testimonies.
  • In facilities with maximum security solitary confinement type areas, our experienced Veteran Teammates are often allowed to share cell-to-cell. In these situations, we might talk to the inmates through their cell bars or even through a small slot in the door of their cell, depending on how the housing is constructed. In some cases, we are allowed to go into medical facilities or even into death row.
  • Normally we conduct one program in the morning and another in the afternoon, and strive to allocate 1½ to 2 hours to each program, but this can vary.

On two-day (WOC) events, you'll attend the Friday evening dinner gathering. You'll enjoy a nice meal and a worship service where teammates will share about their experiences that day. Be prepared to hear some amazing stories of how the Lord worked! We end early so you are able to get a good night's rest before going to the unit again the next day.

That's pretty much an event in a nutshell!
We can't wait to have you come serve with us!

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