Prison FAQs
Why do you need all of my personal information to go on one of your events?
How do Bill Glass BTW prison events work?
Since BTW programs are Christ-centered, why aren't they held in the chapel?
How do I register for an event?
Why is the registration deadline so far from the actual event date?
What do I need to bring to an event?
Are the "Essential Meetings" mandatory? 
If I've already been on an event, do I still have to come to training?
What type of clothing can I wear inside the prison?
What am I allowed to take into the prison units?
What about meals while I'm inside the prison?
How much time will I actually get to spend with the inmates?
Am I allowed to witness to the prison officials?
Will I be assigned to the same facility as my friends?
How long will I be in prison?
How safe will I be in prison?
How can I prepare myself for this type of ministry?
How do I bring Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS to my area?
Will Bill Glass BTW help me find a roommate and/or carpool for the event?
Giving Questions
How may I give to BEHIND THE WALLS?
What is "First Team?"
Are you "Champions for Life" or "Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS"?
Does BTW accept non-cash donations?
When I try to register, I am required to login. What does this mean?