Financial Integrity

How We Steward the Lord's Money

To be entrusted with the Lord's money is a great responsibility, one we take very seriously. Over 91% of all funds received go directly to support hands-on ministry, and as of January 2015, the ministry is free of all debt. 

Champions for Life, Inc., dba, Bill Glass Behind the Walls, is qualified as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. As such, donors may deduct gifts to us as provided for in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax ID number is 75-2733954. Please see our Financial Documents below to view or download our Tax Determination letter.

We have been an accredited member of the ECFA since 1989, an organization dedicated to enhancing the trust of Christ-centered ministries and churches by requiring member organizations adhere to their Seven Standards of Responsible StewardshipTM. They include:

Standard 1 - Doctrinal Issues
We have a written Statement of Faith the clearly affirms our commitment to the evangelical Christian faith, and we operate in accordance with Biblical truths and practices. Please see our Statement of Faith for more information.

Standard 2 - Governance
We are governed by a Board of Directors who physically meet semi-annually. Additionally, the Finance Committee of the Board meets with the CEO and the Treasurer via teleconference monthly to review the prior month's financial statements. Please see our Audited Financial Statements below.

Standard 3 - Financial Oversight
We prepare monthly and annual financial statements. At the close of each fiscal year, our financial statements are audited by an independent certified public accountant. A representative of our auditor presents these statements to the Board of Directors at the winter semi-annual meetings.

Standard 4 - Use of Resources and Compliance with Laws
Each year, our auditor prepares and submits our IRS Form 990. We comply with all state and federal laws in order to main our tax-exempt status. Further, we work hard to keep costs at a minimum so that more than 90% of all revenue goes to directly support ministry, and all bills are paid with 30 days of receipt.

Standard 5 - Transparency
We are dedicated to be completely transparent, and as such, below you may find all of our financial information.

Standard 6 - Compensation-Setting and Related-Party Transactions
The Board of Directors sets the salary for our CEO, and they routinely check the compensation of officers in similarly sized non-profits. Related-Party transactions require a quorum of Board members to vote on approval.

Standard 7 - Stewardship of Charitable Gifts
We are committed to providing, (a) truthfulness in our communication, (b) honoring the donor's intent when a gift is given, (c) providing timely gift acknowledgements, (d) acting in the best interest of our givers, and (e) if we use an outside stewardship resource consultant or if one of our own staff participates in fund-raising, neither will be directly or indirectly receive payment that is based on a percentage of charitable contributions raised.


Financial Documents

2016 Annual Report

501(c)(3) Letter
Bill Glass IRS Tax Exempt Determination Letter

2016 Audited Financial Statements

2016 990 IRS Form


Membership in the ECFA

So who exactly is the ECFA? Founded in 1979, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising and board governance.

Members include Christian ministries, denominations, churches, educational institutions and other tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations. Currently, there are 1,942 accredited members, and collectively, these organizations represent nearly $23 billion in annual revenue. For more information about the ECFA, we invite you to visit their website.

You may also visit our profile with the ECFA by going here.

Charity Navigator

We are proud to announce that for the second year in a row, Bill Glass Behind the Walls has been awarded the highest rating by Charity Navigator for financial integrity and responsibility.