First Team Recurring Gift Program

How to Become a First Team Ambassador

The First Team Recurring Gift Program is our regular giving program, and those that participate are some of our most dedicated volunteers and supporters. As such, we've come to realize our members are really Ambassadors. In fact, our Ambassadors are now hosting "Tailgate" parties at prison events to welcome people to the event, and they absolutely love it! 

Our First Team Ambassadors are at the core of what we are doing with BEHIND THE WALLS. As you know, our mission is to “assist the church by inspiring and igniting believers to share their faith with the least of these.” Over 95% of the mission of the ministry is underwritten through the generosity of our donors. Our First Team Ambassadors go the extra mile by pledging to support the ministry's overall mission with a reliable regular gift. Our First Team Ambassadors supply about 16% of the ministry's resources.

So how can I become a First Team Ambassador?  It's really easy. Just complete the online application, and we'll get you set up right away. There's no minimum amount to participate, but a suggested amount is $40 per month ($120/quarter, $480 annually), as $40 per month is what it costs us to underwrite ministering to one individual; however, any amount is needed and greatly appreciated.

As a current Ambassador of First Team, you will receive:

> Waivers from all event registration fees for you and your spouse
> A special black First Team polo shirt
> Periodic special communications to our Ambassadors

When you enroll, you will have the option to automate your gift through a recurring credit/debit charge or a recurring bank draft, or you may choose to mail in your own check. Most choose to participate monthly, but you may also choose to participate quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. If you mail a check, we will send you a gift receipt that will include a return slip and envelope for your next gift. Annually, we send statements to all participants.